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Classic Machines: The Model D Tournapull
LeTourneau's Model D #FlyingTournapull
@LeTourneau #flyingtournapull
Classic Machines: The Flying Tournapull
“GI Joe” complete with rifle and gas mask takes a Model D for a. “
Classic Machines: LeTourneau's Model D Tournapull
The National Construction Equipment Museum's 1945 LeTourneau D4 Airborne Turnapull with Model Q Carryall scraper. Author's photo.
R. G. LeTourneau Tournapull Model A
LeTourneau's Model D Flying Tournapill
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letourneau cart
Picture of Model C Tournacrane- this had a lift capacity of 25 tonnes.
The "Texas Rose" in all her glory. H Allen Mills & Son's at Rotorua in the late. Find this Pin and more on LeTourneau Machines ...
LeTourneau Log Stacker/Pipe Handlers
A Model D Tournapull & D Scraper, pictured outside Dargaville,. Find this Pin and more on LeTourneau Machines ...
LeTourneau-Westinghouse scrapers- from October's Classic Machines
Classic Machines: The Wabco 222 elevating scraper
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Classic Machines: LeTourneau's Model C Tournapull scraper
Author's photo.
Classic Machines: LeTourneau-Westinghouse's C-500 scraper
LeTourneau Westinghouse scraper slideshow with captions: May 2017
Classic Machines: LeTourneau's ...
1940 LeTourneau Model S pull scraper
The model P cable power control unit is not complete, as it is missing all of the cables necessary to activate the scraper. Author's photo.
LeTourneau Airborne Model D4 Scraper
Classic Machines: the LeTourneau Tournacranes
Rare picture of Cat DW10 with LeTourneau DLS scraper in tow. Very few of these
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LeTourneau built all of the components that mounted the bulldozer to the tractor along with the mechanism to control it. The overhead steel bar that carried ...
On display is this LeTourneau 1951 LP Pull scrapper in military olive drab. Author's photo.
Classic Machines: Caterpillar's 933 Traxcavator
The sheave bracket for controlling the Tiltdozer is still mounted to the front of the Turnapull. Author's photo.
A Cat 45 series owned by Feast & McJorrow working at Mauriceville in the Wairarapa, Accompanied by a Cat and a Cat with LeTourneau ripper in tow.
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Classic Machines: LeTourneau's Tournacranes(captions amended)
Big Cat haulin a Bigger Hitachi excavator. Find this Pin and more on LeTourneau Machines ...
This is the iconic combination of a LeTourneau bulldozer mounted on a Caterpillar D7. Caterpillar built over 20,000 D7s during World War Two, ...
This is a 1940's era LeTourneau Model D Carryall. Author's photo.
Wabco 333 scraper in action
54-wheel-drive: The LeTourneau electric arctic land trains
Classic Machines: Caterpillar's model 639D scraper
This is a scale model Carryall Model B at the Wheels O' Time Museum in Peoria, IL. It was built at the Stockton, CA LeTourneau plant between 1939 and 1945 ...
Classic Machines: LeTourneau's Model D 'Flying' Tournapull
Note that the AD Tiltdozer is missing. Author's photo.
During World War II LeTourneau built 10,000 Carryalls of various capacities for the US military. Author's photo.
The LeTourneau name is prominently displayed on the bulldozer. Author's photo.
Wabco 333 scraper in action
A Caterpillar D7 going ashore from an LST in the South Pacific in 1944. The tractor has a LeTourneau Model WCK7 Angledozer mounted to the front while it ...
With the Caterpillar becoming a competitor to LeTourneau on construction vehicles like this, LeTourneau used diesel engines from the Detroit Diesel Division ...
Tournapull Model D4 Scraper Tractor - Ken Avery Antique Tractor Collection Auction - YouTube
The operator's location and the instrument panel on the Turnapull. Author's photo.
Classic Machines: Hewco's LD3 Scoopmobile
Largest scraper offered by LaPlant-Choate was the C-104 Carrimor, a 33 cubic yard beast operated by cable control. In order to get the heaped load shown, ...
Julia Letourneau
Classic Machines: LeTourneau's Tournacranes(captions amended)
Transdiesel's Volvo range: The EC950E crawler excavator & A60H hauler
Biggest Vehicle Ever Made - Letourneau Vehicles, ...
Classic Machines: The Vickers V-180 tractor
Pioneer earthmovers: The Allis-Chalmers 260E scraper
LeTourneau T4
@LeTourneau #FlyingTournapull | LeTourneau Machines | Pinterest
Classic Machines: Evolution of Single Axle Scrapers
Classic Earthmovers: the Wabco 229 scraper
Classic Machines: The Le Tourneau-Westinghouse C-500 motor scraper
Caterpillar's Towed Scrapers
LeTourneau's Model C Tournatractor / The first production Model C Tournadozer was introduced in 1947 and
Classic Machines: Caterpillar's Towed Scrapers
Caterpillar's Towed Scrapers
Three HD20s push Garwood scrapers on a Kentucky road cutting- 1953 snapshot.
Caterpillar No.435 scraper- one of the low-bowl designs. Still popular
Classic Machines: International-Harvester's 175 crawler tractor
Classic Caterpillar scrapers: The DW21
Classic scrapers: The S-7 Euclid
Classic Machines: Wabco's model 229 scraper
Caterpillar's Towed Scrapers
LeTourneau Automotive Society Car Show Showcases Nice Cars ...
Transdiesel's Volvo Machinery demonstration
National Excavator Operator Champs 2016: Day Two
Life at LeTourneau College 1960-1963
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R.G. LeTourneau: Mover of Men and Mountains
Classic Machines: The Euclid TS-18 motorscraper
Naughton vs Letourneau Naughton vs Letourneau
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